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Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me!

Sender: Jennifer Kesel     Date: April 4, 2016 _
     If it weren't for Rescue Me, I wouldn't have found Lilo or the sweet staff at the Yancey County Humane Society. They answered all of my questions and saw how much I wanted Lilo. I adopted her and will be taking her home soon. She is so sweet, and I'm so grateful to have found her.

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Sender: Cheryl Stone     Date: March 31, 2016 _
     We've waited a long time for the right adopter, but today is finally 'Gotcha Day' for Mugsy. Best of all, he will be working as an Emotional Support Dog. Thank you, Rescue Me!

Sender: Pamela Campbell     Date: September 16, 2014 _
     I submitted Bella's information on Rescue Me two days ago. She has been adopted by a wonderful family and I am so happy for her! This site rocks in finding the appropriate home for this breed. Thank you so much!

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Sender: Janel Miller     Date: February 24, 2014 _
     Benny has found a wonderful home on the east coast. He lived in a group foster home with 20 other dogs for months and now has his foster mom and dad all to himself. He is very happy and they love him greatly.

Sender: John Pizarro     Date: December 30, 2013 _
     I tried so many different ways to find the perfect home for my best friend of almost nine years, Amber. With no quality or serious inquiries on other sites, I began to get discouraged. I did not want to give her up at all and I never thought I would have to find her a new home, but life has its way of changing things unfortunately. I was contacted only a week after posting on Rescue Me! by someone very interested in Amber. We swapped emails, spoke on the phone, and arranged a time to meet. She is such a sweet person and showed up with everything Amber would possibly need... a new bed, toys, treats, food, etc. She reassured me that Amber would be cared for and loved, and that she would send me lots of pictures and updates all the time! I truly could not have handpicked a better person to adopt my baby. She came this morning to meet and pick Amber up and although I was a blubbery mess, she was so sweet and hugged me and let me know I have nothing to worry about. When Amber got to her new home, I received a few very sweet picture messages to let me know she was settling in well. Thank you so much, I could not have asked for a better experience or a more perfect new home!

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Sender: Lahoma Roebuck     Date: March 27, 2013 _
     I decided to keep this dog after she bonded so well with my other rescues. She is now one of a gang of five and lives each day as free and happy as any dog can be. Thank you Rescue Me! for your assistance finding homes for 10 other rescue dogs I had. Lahoma

Sender: Lise Griffin     Date: May 20, 2012 _
     Adopted to a great family, THANKS.

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Sender: Janice Coakley     Date: September 11, 2011 _
     Starsky was adopted. He is a sweet boy and I didn't think it would take too long to adopt him. Someone found him through your website looking for a feist. Called me and the rest is history. He is living with a retired man and his wife, who is not retired and they both really missed the companionship of a dog after they lost him. Thanks so much!! Janice

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